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Poistenie sa pomaly ale isto stáva v našom živote konštantou!

There always are moments in your life when you do need to be protected by strong and confident partner.

Use our support and years of practice to choose and manage best insurance for you and provide you with protection where it is need and often not expected.
There is a great number of situations that can have either personal consequences or even affect your family heavily.

We will find a way to get rid of this problems.

Try working with us, many did so and many were kindly surprised...

Are you planning to go away? Summer is comming and so is the holiday season. Great moments spent during your holiday....


Finančné centrum company was awarded
for it´s effort that transformed into commercial success. 


Finančné centrum,a.s. has became a partner of Slovak Cycling union
Finančné centrum,a.s. has became a partner of Slovak cycling union on 13.2.2016...

Buďte krok pred ostatnými!

U nás vo Finančnom centre a.s., sme medzi prvými informovaní o najnovších druhoch poistenia, ich výhodach a príslušných zľavách z poistenia, či už ide o poistenie cestovné alebo akékoľvek neživotné poistenie. 

Pridajte sa do nášho tímu a budete rovnako informovaní ako my! A ako dôkaz toho, že ľudia u nás držia spolu pohromade, Vám na narodeniny nachystáme prekvapenie!

Všetko čo k tomu treba je vyplniť dotazník na pravej strane, ostatné vybavíme za Vás…

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More information can be found at our subsidiary´s 

website at EuroFin Consulting, a.s.

and on the others:

Finančné centrum,a.s. also supports sport activities of the youth, cycling in first place. The greatest success was achieved
during last two years, that you can read about at


Have you forgotten nothing?

Insurance of blocks of flats

Are you a head of a block of flats and you would like to insure it that great as your own flat is? You can do so here, quickly and elegantly!

Travel insurance

Do you travel a lot? Do you spend most of your life in your car as a part of your job or just like travelling? You never know what may happen. You´d better insure it!

Seat insurance

Do you belong to that category of drivers that do care about their health or health of their passengers? Then wait no longer and insure your whole vehicle!


Hľadáte najvýhodnejšie, najrýchlejšie a spoľahlivé riešenie Vášho povinného zmluvného poistenia? Od odpovede Vás delí jedno kliknutie myšou.

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